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AWA Sleeve Label Awards

Awarding Sleeve Label Excellence

How To Enter


Printing and Artwork Execution:
What features in the printing process make this a remarkable example worth recognition? Judges will consider:

  • Registration
  • The number of colors
  • Graphic alignment at the seam
  • Other notable attributes

Shrink Execution onto Container:
How has the artwork been aligned, especially if this is not a round container? Are there wrinkles? Is there any pull-up?

Converting and Seaming:
Entrants should provide comments on slitting, seam lip, underlap, and lay flat.

Innovative Features:
These might include, for example, a foil/matte finish, tactile features, and other special effects. 

Standout/Shelf Appeal:
What features make this sleeve label stand out on the retail shelf better than other products?

STEP 1: Register

Complete the registration form to the right.

Registration is free and you may enter as many sleeves, for as many categories as you wish. Complete a new registration form for each new sleeve entry. 

STEP 2: Submit Entries


 For every individual Entry, provide a judging kit containing:   

  • examples of the printed sleeve 
  • 2 examples of the finished labeled product container, fully sleeved
Ship the material to: 
ATTN: Tanveer Hussain

C/O: AWA Alexander Watson Associates
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 13

1062 HH, Amsterdam,

NB: AWA Needs to receive samples before August 31st, 2024. 
Entries without a physical sample will not be admitted to the judging process

STEP 3: Register to attend the AWA International Sleeve Label Award ceremony!

Although this step is optional, there are many great reasons to attend, such as networking opportunities and, if you are among the winners, some great photos for your website/ social media!

Your presence at the Award ceremony will not affect the outcome of the award results. 

Registration Form

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