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We at AWA Alexander Watson Associates know that, in our diverse business arena, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.    This has been a major contributor to our success in helping thousands of specially-focused companies to make well-informed strategic business decisions since the inception of our company in 1971. Our primary goal is to make delivering access to high-quality specialist market information as easy as possible. That is why we have in recent years developed our quarterly Data Transcripts. They provide regular, hyper-targeted, up-to-the-minute market intelligence for your industry – easy to access, at an affordable rate,  and with an attractive no-strings-attached trial period.

They AWA Data Transcripts deliver reports on trends, developments, environmental updates, company and industry statistics, and relevant upcoming events around the world – straight to your inbox, once a quarter. 

These are our quarterly Data Transcripts

LPDM– Labeling & Product Decoration Markets Data Transcript

Pressure-Sensitive Labels
Glue-Applied Labels
Sleeve Labels
In-mold Labels
Other Decorating Technologies


FPM– Flexible Packaging Material Data Transcript

Specialty Paper Materials Vacuum & Metalized Coated MaterialsExtrusion Coated MaterialsOther Coated and Laminated Materials

PSM– Pressure-sensitive Markets Data Transcript

Pressure-Sensitive Labels
Pressure-Sensitive Graphics Films
Pressure-Sensitive Specialty Tapes
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Release Liner

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