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Market Due Diligence Services

Buying a company means considering not only the performance of an individual business, but also the context in which the business operates. Without understanding the market conditions of the sector in which a company operates and its competitors within a specific industry, it is impossible to arrive at a realistic valuation.

Because we have been active in the industry since 1971 and publish a broad portfolio of focused market studies per year we have a solid understanding of the industry and are always on top of the latest trends and developments.

A whole range of factors can influence the competitive state of a market. These include technology, customers, legislation, and the emergence of new geographic markets. Each of these must be considered for the impact that they might exert on the future value of an acquisition.

Our market due diligence services are supported by our unique industry knowledge and our broad geographical reach. Our understanding of our specific target markets allows us to assess assumptions and projections and provide efficient, cost-effective services in a timely manner.

Useful for Buyers

Our market due-diligence services provide potential buyers with thorough and objective information about the market in which the target company operates. Our extensive experience in the packaging, specialty paper, film, coating and converting sectors means that we can help our clients to identify opportunities and advise them on all the relevant factors to help them to establish themselves in the chosen markets. Our market Due Diligence reports facilitate the buying process as you do not have to perform (or can limit) your own time-consuming and expensive research.

Useful for vendors

Market due diligence also has advantages for vendors. Your company will only need to be researched once, and limits the necessity of giving potential buyers exclusive access in a too early stage. Additionally, you will be the first to receive the due diligence findings, thus saving you from being presented with new facts by buyers. 

OUr services result in a leSs cumbersome and more efficient Due Diligence process, meaning your organization will only need one report rather than two or three. 

This saves you time and of course, cost.

 Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your business.