AWAreness™ Report Direct Digital Print Technologies for Container Product Decoration 2020

Founded in 1971, AWA Alexander Watson Associates BV regularly publishes and updates a series of comprehensive reports on areas of specialist converting, including labels, defining global, regional, and application segment opportunities. This is the third edition of the AWAreness™ Report Direct Digital Print Technologies for Container Product Decoration 2020. This report focuses on the evolving methods for directly decorating rigid and semi-rigid containers using digital print technologies combined with UV and UV-LED curing processes.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Sources of Information & Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Defining Direct Printing Technologies

4. Label Market Overview

5. Direct Digital Printing Technologies for Product Decoration

6. Drivers for Growth and Substitution
6.1 Cost & Economics
6.2 Performance
6.3 Markets
6.4 Environmental

7. Challenges from Competitive Methods of Product Decoration
7.1 Economies of Scale
7.2 Product Differentiation
7.3 Capital Requirements
7.4 Switching Costs
7.5 Policy

8. Direct Digital Print Opinion Survey
8.1 Direct Digital Print Opinion Survey – Results
8.2 Direct Digital Print Opinion Survey – Respondent Comments

9. Conclusions
9.1 Conclusions – Large Volume/Low Cost Markets
9.2 Conclusions – Tube Market
9.3 Conclusions – Label Market
9.4 Conclusions – A Disruptive Technology

10. Company Directory
10.1 Equipment Manufacturers
10.2 Ink Manufacturers
10.3 Ancillary Equipment


Direct printed forms of product decoration or of providing detailed user information are not new, and are already found in areas such as beverage cans, flexible packaging, cartons etc. These existing forms of direct print are not included in the report scope. This report focuses on the emerging forms of direct print, most especially those involving digital ink jet technologies.

The areas of digital direct printing covered in the report are growth sectors, with emerging technologies. They have seen extensive technical development and innovation, and are now in the early stages of commercial development. The introduction of those technologies provides a new level of competition to more established forms of product decoration. The technology allows for a high degree of individual customization, reduced inventories, shortened supply and value chains, and for shorter lead-times to end users/brand owners.

AWAreness™ Report Direct Digital Print Technologies for Container Product Decoration 2020  describes the present state of the technologies available and the market dynamics. It also includes information about the future growth prospects and forecast penetration levels for these emerging decorating technologies. 

Research is based on available published literature complemented by extensive data collection. The primary research and data collection involved in this study include telephone interviews and online surveys with leading industry players across the value chain.


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