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Fiberboard Market Study 2019

The Fiberboard Market Study 2019 provides a comprehensive analysis to the MDF and Particle board market. It features capacity listings as well as a number of highlevel interviews and articles. Formerly known as the MDF Yearbook, this market study has served the industry for decades.

What's in it for you?
  • Producer capacity listings on a global, regional and national level
  • Global MDF and Particle board market performance review
  • Company updates and M&A developments within the industry
  • Visions on the market from industry experts
What you can expect from this report
Table Of Contents
Tomorrow’s Future Versus Yesterday’s Past


The Industry Invests To Benefit From Changing Technology – And Market Demand
Changing Market And Company Profiles:  Mergers And Acquisitions
Feature Article
India Report – Rising Timber Production Promises A Bright Future For The MDF Industry – Interview With The Federation Of Indian Plywood And Panel Industry (FIPPI)
Europe Report – Interview with Dr Paolo Fantoni – Vice President of Fantoni SpA and Chairman of the European Panel Federation (EPF)
Technology & Product Development
Imal New MDF Technologies
Company News
South Korea Report – Dongwha Enterprise Plans to Expand MDF Production in Southeast Asia to Satisfy Growing International Demand
Global Production Capacity Listings
Company Capacity Listings 2017-2018
MDF Capacity by Region
MDF Capacity by Company
Particleboard Capacity by Region
Particleboard Capacity by Company
Combined Capacity by Region
Combined Capacity by Company


Table of Contents

Editorial Perspective

The Industry Invests to Meet Growing Demand
Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Fiber Based Panel Industry

Interview With Clive Pinnington of the European Panel Federation (EPF)

How to Quantify and Suppress Pre-curing in Wood Panel Manufacturing
Introduction of an Integrated X-ray System for Comprehensive Mat Inspection in Panel Production
Resins in Panel Production

IMAL Always Very Active in New MDF Technologies
Turkey Report – Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry and Trade Company Profile

Company Capacity Listings 2016-2017
MDF Capacity by Region
MDF Capacity by Company
Particleboard Capacity by Region
Particleboard Capacity by Company
Combined Capacity by Region
Combined Capacity by Company

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