The Packaging Industry is moving Fast. That’s why our focus is your key to stay on track.

The Specialty Paper and Packaging Value Chain is constantly undergoing fundamental changes: Mergers & Acquisitions and changes in end user needs re-shape the market. AWA has been focused on this unique industry since 1971. We provide Market Intelligence that gives you the best foundation to make the right decisions for your business – and Conferences & Events that help you connect with the industry’s key players.

Why our focus helps your business.

Our industry – the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging Coating & Converting Value Chain – is extremely complex, with many big and small stakeholders involved along the way. And it’s moving fast, with M&A activities being one of the main drivers of change.

To make decisions that set your business on the path of success, a thorough understanding of the market dynamics is crucial.

We understand the industry, because we’ve been in it since 1971. Our Conferences & Events, such as Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition, are the industry’s primary meeting points.

Whether you’re considering strategic investments, M&A activities or partnerships – without the right Market Intelligence, your decisions might be based on shaky ground. We at AWA are your partner for the right business decisions.

AWA Guarantee: Your Trusted Sign For Quality Market Intelligence

We’ve been working with the biggest names in our industry for almost 50 years. AWA has always been led by 3 core values: Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. We know that it’s crucial to have the right data for your business decisions, and that’s why we work by these values every day. When you purchase an AWA market report, you don’t only purchase industry-leading facts, figures and analytics but also unlimited personal support through our Amsterdam office. You also can be assured that our data is collected by our team of professionals and our analysis is based on in-house data, researched from primary sources through the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

Our specialized focus is on one broad but specific industry in which we are a long-established partner; and our commitment is to deliver the best possible insights to support your decision making and ensure the future of your business.

Active Internationally, headquartered in Amsterdam.

AWA is active worldwide. Our market research covers all the major markets in depth. Our events take place all over the globe.

However, you’ll always reach us in our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. AWA’s international team understands your business and consists of 12 nationalities that are there to answer your questions whenever you need us to.

Talk to our experienced team today to find out how we can help you find the Market Intelligence you need to make the right decisions.