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AWAccess is the All-Access Market Intelligence Solution for the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging Coating & Converting Industry. No matter if you’re a Release Liner specialist or an expert on Product Decoration and Labeling Technologies – access all our reports 24/7 and get exclusive discounts to our events and seminars.
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AWAccess is our Premium Subscription Program for in-depth Market Intelligence. Upon registration you have full access to all AWA market and technology studies and reports, while receiving exclusive information and discounts for our industry-leading conferences and seminars.

Make your job easier with these AWAccess Features

Access to all AWA studies
Download anything we ever published for no extra fees.
Company-wide individual access
Get as many accounts for you and your employees as you want.
Online access to AWA conference proceedings
As a member, you’ll have access to all our conference proceedings.
Exclusive discounts on AWA seminars and events
Use your membership to access our events for discounts of up to € 500!

How It Works

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After login you can go to the AWAccess page and see all the reports available for your subscription

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Download market reports

On this page you can easily view, search and download market reports.

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