Pressure-sensitive Labels

Plain or printed ahesive-coated film or paper materials are pre-die cutand carried on a release coated liner material. The labels are dispensed from the release liner and applied to the container surface manually or automatically. Pressure-sensitvie is the terminology used in North America, South America and Asia. In Europe it is known as self-adhesive.
Pressure-senstive Label on winte bottle

Flexible and Cost Effective

Pressure-sensitive labels are known for being flexible, cost effective and one of the largest labeling technologies on the market.


The structure of a typical pressure-sensitive label laminate based on release liner technology which accounts for the significant majority of all pressure sensitive labels. A typical construction consists of an adhesive coated facestock on a carrier/release liner. The release liner may be siliconized paper or film, low surface energy film, or other materials that do not permit adhesion of the adhesive coating until it is to be applied to the primary substrate.

Flexible and Cost Effective - Pressure-sensitive labels are the world’s most used labels technology

They are wide-spread across the globe – chances are you’ve used one today.

But pressure-sensitive labels have more applications than in the food industry. In fact, they are universally used anywhere where two components have to be connected – even in the construction industry.