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AWA Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market Report 2024

AWA Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market Report 2024

Provides Global and regional overview of the market
Segmentations by Region, Material, End-use Segment
Developments, Trends, Sustainability and Forecast
Understanding of Different Printing and Converting Technologies
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Pressure-sensitive graphic arts can be defined as large-format graphics used as advertising, branding, informative, decorative and safety message carriers in various applications. The report focuses on the demand for pressure-sensitive graphic arts in terms of material type and application segments – and looks at the key drivers within each market, highlighting opportunities for future growth for converters and material suppliers. The emphasis is on pressure-sensitive film laminates used for graphic film applications, with particular focus on cast vinyl and calendered vinyl films.

This edition of the report further includes:
– Market sizing and forecast
– Assessment of the shifts in the increased use of monomeric and low cost polymeric calendered films
– Expanded assessment of release liners used
– Sustainability, around face material and liner

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Definitions

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Market Structure and Value Chain
3.1 Market Structure

4. Global Demand for Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Materials
4.1 Total Market Size
4.2 Geographical Breakdown

• North America
• Europe
• Asia
• South America
• Africa & Middle East

4.2.1 Regional Market Growth
4.3 Breakdown by End-use Market Segments

  • Indoor advertising and branding
  • Outdoor advertising and branding
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Architectural graphics
  • Road traffic and safety markings

4.3.1 Market Segment Growth
4.4 Breakdown by Film Material Usage

• Cast Vinyl
• Monomeric Calendered Film
• Polymeric Calendered Film
• Engineered Films
• Other Films

5. Pressure-sensitive Arts Regional Markets
5.1 Asian Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market
5.1.1 Overall market size
5.1.2 Breakdown by End-use Market Segment
5.1.3 Asian Market Segments Growth
5.1.4 Breakdown by Film Material Usage
5.1.5 Film Material Growth in Asia
5.1.6 Regional Trends and Characteristics
5.2 North American Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market
5.2.1 Overall market size
5.2.2 Breakdown by End-use Market Segment
5.2.3 North American Market Segments Growth
5.2.4 Breakdown by Film Material Usage
5.2.5 Film Material Growth in North America
5.2.6 Regional Trends and Characteristics
5.3 European Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market
5.3.1 Overall market size
5.3.2 Breakdown by End-use Market Segment
5.3.3 European Market Segment Growth
5.3.4 Breakdown by Film Material Usage
5.3.5 Film Material Growth in Europe
5.3.6 Regional Trends and Characteristics
5.4 South American Pressure-sensitive Graphic Arts Market
5.4.1 Overall market size
5.4.2 Breakdown by End-use Market Segment
5.4.3 South American Market Segment Growth
5.4.4 Breakdown by Film Material Usage
5.4.5 Film Material Growth in South America
5.4.6 Regional Trends and Characteristics

6. Printing & Converting Technology
6.1 Offset printing
6.2 Screen Printing
6.3 Computer Cutting
6.4 Digital Printing
6.4.1 Wide-format Inkjet Technology
6.4.2 Aqueous Inkjet
6.4.3 Solvent-based Inkjet
6.4.4 UV Inkjet
6.4.5 Flatbed Inkjet
6.4.6 Thermal Transfer Printing
6.4.7 Electrostatic Printing

7. Material Trends
7.1 Film
7.1.1 Cast Vinyl Film
7.1.2 Calendered Vinyl Film
7.1.3 Engineered Films
7.1.4 Other Films
7.2 Adhesives
7.3 Release Liner
7.3.1 Release Liner for Graphic Arts
7.3.2 Release Liner for Graphic Arts – Regional Markets
7.4 Sustainability Trends

8. Company Profiles
8.1 Film Manufacturers
8.2 Adhesive Laminators

9. AWA Publications
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