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AWA Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape European Market Report 2024

AWA Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape European Market Report 2024

Insightful Regional Differentiation
Developments, Trends and Forecasts
Segmentation by Region, Application and Materials
Value Chain Analysis and Company Directories
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A Unique Market with New Opportunities

Specialty Tapes is a thriving market already commanding 15% of the tapes sector and boasts a diverse range of specialty constructions and applications. Its unique capabilities of integrating a broad range of materials and various formats are what make specialty tapes an exciting market to watch out for with its customized solutions in a broad range of applications.

New adhesive solutions are constantly being formulated to perform in extreme environmental conditions. Specialty Tapes’ largest end-user applications globally, include electronics, medical, automotive and white goods, and specialty tapes are on the rise in other applications.

The report dives into the trends in the specialty pressure-sensitive tapes industry by looking at the market from a regional perspective, application perspective, and materials point of view. As a market with significant growth potential, the share lookout not only at the market today, but also at how it will develop over the next three years and the trends and developments that will drive growth. Finally, the report concludes with a list of leading companies/ suppliers operating in this industry at different stages of the value chain.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Definitions & Abbreviations

2. Executive Summary

3. Pressure-Sensitive Tapes – Market Structure & Segmentation
3.1 Market Structure
3.2 Value Chain
3.3 Market Segmentation
3.3.1 Product Segmentation
• Packaging Tapes
• Masking Tapes
• Consumer/Office Tapes
• Specialty Tapes
3.3.2 Regional Pressure-Sensitive Tape Markets
• North America
• Europe
• Asia
• South America
• Africa & Middle East

4. Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
4.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
4.1.1 Market Structure
4.1.2 Value Chain
4.2 Global Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
4.2.1 End-use Markets
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• White Goods
• Electronics
• Electrical
• Building/construction
• Paper/printing
• Medical
• Hygiene
• Retail/Graphics
• Defense/military
• Sports/entertainment
• Miscellaneous
4.2.2 Regions
• North America
• Europe
• Asia
• South America
4.2.3 Tape Materials
• PE
• PA
• PP
• Paper
• Foam
• Glass Cloth
• Metal
• Woven/Non-Woven
4.3 Global Specialty Tape Market Trends
4.4 Market Summary

5. European Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Markets
5.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
5.1.1 Market Structure
5.1.2 Value Chain
5.2 European Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
5.2.1 End-use Markets
5.2.2 Regional Markets
• Germany
• France
• United Kingdom
• Benelux
• Italy
• Other
5.2.3 Tape Materials
5.3 European Specialty Tapes Market Trends
5.4 Market Summary

6. Market Challenges and Influences
6.1 Market Influences
6.2 Raw Material Prices
6.3 Growth Drivers and Demand Forecast

7. Company Directory
7.1 Adhesive Tape Manufacturers
7.2 Adhesive Suppliers
7.3 Tape Material Suppliers