AWAreness Report Industrial Release Liner 2020

AWAreness Report Industrial Release Liner 2020

Dive into the Application Segments for Release Liners: Industrial Release Liners
Subsegmentation for Industrial Release Liners
Overview of the Leading Suppliers of Industrial Release Liners
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What’s in it for you?

AWA Alexander Watson Associates has been engaged in market research in the release liner industry for years, and have published global market updates and regional market studies about this market. AWAreness™ Report Industrial Release Liner 2020 provides further detail on one of the most exciting and fastest-growing application segments for release liners: industrial release liners.

A multitude of applications are included in “Industrial”. AWA research has been able to define a few that have some distinct characteristics and can be considered submarket segments, but the research also shows that there are many small, individual applications.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction 6
Introduction 6
Methodology 7
Definitions & Abbreviations 8
Acknowledgments 16
2. Global Release Liner Market 17
3. Industrial Release Liner Market 24
4. Industrial Release Liner Sub-segments 27
Building and Construction 28
Electronics 32
Composites 36
5. Geography 41
Asia 42
North America 46
Europe 49
6. Industrial Release Liner Substrates 53
Glassine/SCK 55
Clay Coated Paper 58
Polyolefin Coated Paper 61
Other Paper 64
Polyethylene Film 67
Polypropylene Film 70
Polyester Film 74
7. Industrial Release Liner Suppliers 77
Asia 77
North America 78
Europe 78