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AWA has been providing best-in-class Market Intelligence for the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging Coating & Converting Industry since 1971. We’re here to provide you with the most accurate data available, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

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AWA Market Reports - Helping you navigate the market

Our Market Reports are the industry benchmark for a simple reason: They have been providing the latest insights and up-to-date market intelligence since 1971.

AWA’s in-depth market and technology reports cover the entire Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging, Coating and Converting value chain. They provide you with the information you need to make clear decisions in an unclear market.

You can purchase our Market Reports directly online.

AWA Guarantee: Your Trusted Sign For Quality Market Intelligence

We’ve been working with the biggest names in our industry for almost 50 years. AWA has always been led by 3 core values: Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. We know that it’s crucial to have the right data for your business decisions, and that’s why we work by these values every day.

When you purchase an AWA market report, you don’t only purchase industry-leading facts, figures and analytics but also unlimited personal support through our Amsterdam office. You also can be assured that our data is collected by our team of professionals and our analysis is based on inhouse data, researched from primary sources through the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

We’re specialized on one specific industry and are an established partner, driven to deliver the best insights so you can make the best decisions for the future.

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Our Market Reports give you the information you need to make the right decisions. You can acquire them with a single user license or with a corporate license.

Bundle Packages

Our AWA bundles provide attractice prices for the information that matters to you. Build the package you’re looking for and start making the right decisions today.

Need more than 2 reports? Try AWAccess.

Our Premium Subscription Program AWAccess offers unique insights to you and your business. For an annual subscription fee, you and your entire team get access to all AWA Market Intelligence products – every Market Report and every Monthly Bulletin, easily accessible from an online platform.​

AWA Bulletins –
Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Staying ahead has never been that simple. AWA’s Online Bulletins offer the newest data on key industry areas – tailored to your needs. With our Monthly Bulletins, you have access to the most relevant market data and market research information – industry-specific and highly relevant. Our Monthly Bulletins are relevant for everybody along the value chain – suppliers, converters and brand owners.

AWA Market Insight Bulletins

LAMM – Labeling & Product Decoration Markets & Materials

Our LAMM Bulletin provides you with the newest insights from self-adhesive and wet-glue labels through flexible packaging and in-mold labeling to cartons, direct-to-container print and 3D print.

FLEMM – Flexible Packaging Markets and Materials

The AWA FLEMM Bulletin monitors the entire flexible packaging market, the material markets and its companies.

SAMM – Self-Adhesive And Release Liner Markets & Materials

This bulletin is designed to tailor professionals in areas such as adhesives, tapes, self-adhesive labels, graphic films, and the markets in which those are used.

Our bulletins over cutting-edge information about specific niche industries – tailored towards you and your business. Upon signup, you’ll receive the newest edition of our bulletin – for free! The AWA Monthly Bulletins come with a trial period of 6 months – and after the trial is over, you can continue receiving them for only 449 € / year!

Online signup for the bulletins is currently not possible – please contact REPORTS@AWA-BV.COM to get access to your free trial.

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Sometimes, even the most targeted Market Intelligence just isn’t targeted enough towards your needs. We at AWA offer a variety of consulting services and tailor-made, on-request research. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

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